MSF CANADA MAGAZINE | Digital Edition | Spring 2017

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from the executive director

msf Speaking out: Cover Story

msf Speaking out: Our History

The responsibility to bear witness

Reporting what we see on the front lines of humanitarian crises is a fundamental component of MSF’s purpose

A timeline of MSf’s témoignage

From before our founding in 1971 to the present, MSF has always advocated on behalf of our patients

why does Msf speak out?

To improve the situations of people in danger, to advocate on behalf of our patients and to raise awareness in order to alleviate human suffering

msf speaking out: case studies

no easy answers

MSF takes a hard look at some of our decisions to speak out in earlier times of crisis

msf speaking out: syria

red lines

Evidence of chemical weapons in Syria’s war forced MSF to confront some complicated ethical dilemmas

canadians on mission: profile

walking the talk

Communications specialist Sandra Smiley helps MSF advocate on behalf of our patients; now that she's returning to school, she may soon be treating them, too

about dispatches

The MSF Canada magazine

Stories and updates about MSF's lifesaving work, as seen through the eyes of our staff, patients and donors